How Do I Set a desktop button to open a folder instead of file or program?

I have exhausted myself trying to figure out how to open a folder using any of the extensions! you can link individual files and program exe’s but i would like to link folders. Any help would be appreciated and in simple terms as i am not the most tech savvy person. Also I would like to link the recycle bin/control panel/network connections to a buttons on puredesktop as well.

                                                                          Thank You

Hello Sunshine,

you can choose any folder you like. Just make sure, that you add file:/// in front of the folder path. Also use forward slashes instead of backslashes. With the prefix the extensions knows, that you want to open a link, instead of a url, mail, etc.

Linking to a special “folder” (technically they aren’t folders) is not that easy. But I will explain how it will works:

Choose the explorer under C:/Windows/explorer.exe. After that, the Parameter Option will be visible. Here you have to add shell:RecycleBinFolder if you want to open the recycle bin.

Recycle Bin: shell:RecycleBinFolder
Control Panel: shell:ControlPanelFolder
Network Panel: shell:ConnectionsFolder

Here you will find more Shell-Links:

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