SearchBar customization

Hello together,

today I played around with the SearchBar extension and struggled with two things:

  1. I wanted to use a custom search engine but unfortunately I don’t know how to specify the place where the search input has to be placed.
  2. When using a project behind the Desktop I can’t write into it. It seems like the Desktop catches the keyboard events.

Except for that, nice program! :slight_smile:

Hello ChuckMoe,

thanks for the positive review. That motivates us. Lately we have missed that a little :smiley:

  1. Use the following syntax:[SEARCH]
    [SEARCH] will be replaced with the inserted text.
    Also dont add the prefix https://, it will be auto added.
  2. Yeah, that could be :thinking: I wasn’t able to press the mouse button. We have to check why it don’t receive mouse events. After that, the input field should receive keyboard focus.

Kind regards

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Good evening PureAdmin,

and thank you for your fast reply, [SEARCH] is functioning great! :grin:
Yeah, I saw the https:// in the input field. At first I was a bit bewildered though, as it keeps standing above my input.

Best regards,

Good evening ChuckMoe,

I’m glad I could help you.

That’s some visual glitch. Will be fixed with the next release :wink:

Kind regards,

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